The Harmony is everything you want in a yoga mat - they are made from natural rubber and have an incredible grip, great support and enough cushion that they can be used on a carpet or a hard floor. The Harmony is available in a huge range of colours as well as sizes for those with longer legs. They contain no PVC, EVA or synthetic rubber.

  • 60cm Wide x 173cm Long
  • Approx. 2kg

  • Made from Natural Rubber

  • Optimum grip
  • The open cell rubber absorbs sweat and keeps you in place during your practice

  • No need to break it in - non-slip from the start!

  • Provides great traction, cushion & stability

JADE Harmony 5 mm Yoga Mat, Teal

  • Always remember to keep your Jade Mat out of direct sunlight. 
    Sunlight will burn the rubber and affect the yoga mats grip.

    When cleaning your Jade Mat never use mat washes that contain alcohol or bleach.

    We recommend using vinegar (apple cider) and water to clean your mat. Mixing one part vinegar to three parts water, rub mixture onto mat using a cloth, followed by a rinse with clean water. We also have the Jade Yoga Mat Wash available here!

    Hang up to dry - avoiding sunlight.

    Never roll up and store before completely dry.

    Please note that all Jade Yoga Mats have a break-in period of about a week. Using the mat and cleaning it with the vinegar solution above can help to quicken this process.


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