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This combo includes :

  • Back Heat & Cold Pack 

Soothe pain naturally.  

Ideal for lower back pain and cramps associated with period pain, the Back Heat & Cold Pack is also a must-have for pregnant women and can be used during and after labour. ​


  • BioCeramic Belt

Place the Back  Heat & Cold Pack into the fully adjustable belt and wear anywhere.  The bioceramic beads also retain heat from the pack for longer.


  • Neck and Shoulder Heat & Cold Pack

Soothe neck and shoulder pain fast.

Designed to comfortably drape around the neck, shoulders and shoulder-blade area, this popular heat pack is ideal for office workers or anyone who suffers upper back pain.


  • Pocket Heat & Cold Pack

Commonly used as a hand warmer designed to fit inside your pocket. Its small portable size makes it perfect for use by children.
These little dynamos are lightweight and totally portable. They are an instant and portable source of relief when arthritic hands are making daily tasks a nightmare.

Mediscope Heat/Cold Pack: Back & Neck Combo

$145.00 Regular Price
$116.00Sale Price

Stocktake Sale - pls don't make me count it!

    • Retains heat better than wheat bags
    • Suitable for all over the body 
    • No microwave needed
    • 40% lighter than wheat bags
    • Allergy, gluten and odour free
    • No nasty chemicals
    • Made from food-grade Sodium Acetate
    • Doubles as a cold pack!
    • 2 Year Australia-wide warranty


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