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All massages are tailored to suit the needs of the client. I can make recommendations based on the most effective ways to address any issues you may be having, but ultimately I will do my best to ensure you receive the treatment YOU want. All therapeutic massage may include gentle pressure coupled with deep tissue therapy, with or without trigger point release, and/or proprioceptive neural facilitation.

All massages are tailored to suit your needs, their is plenty of time to focus on more than one problem area while also addressing the supporting/surrounding muscle groups. With longer appointments (60-90 minutes) we'll also have time to include some stretching, encouraging better range of movement. Or, maybe you simply need to find your zen again? This full-body massage will give you the time for relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you floating out the door.

30 Min -  from $40 / 45 Min - from $50 / 60 Min - from $65 / 90 Min - $90




My aromatherapy massage, called AromaTouch uses a clinical approach to apply pure, therapeutic grade essential oils along meridians and visceral contact points on the back and feet. The method of application and the specifically chosen oils helps to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.

The AromaTouch technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function.

Clients often drift off during an AromaTouch massage - that's how relaxing it is!

50 Min - from $60 




Remedial massage is a style of massage that is used to 'remedy' muscles that are tense, immobile, or damaged. I use varied techniques and pressure to assist in repairing the damaged area and speed up the body's own healing process.

Contrary to an often held belief that if the massage isn't painful then it's not working, remedial massage absolutely doesn't need to, and shouldn't hurt! My remedial massage can be as relaxing, gentle and shallow as it is strong, firm and deep, depending on the issue to be remedied.

30 Min -  from $40 / 45 Min - from $50 / 60 Min - from $65 / 90 Min - $90




Sports massage isn't relaxing - there is lots of movement and a need for frequent communication between myself and my client.

Sports massage is used to reduce the incidence of injury, reduce recovery time, improve performance and increase endurance. It's useful before, during and after sports and training. My sports massage is tailored to different sports or sporting injuries, and whether the athlete is pre- or post-event.

30 Min -  from $40 / 45 Min - from $50 / 60 Min - from $65 / 90 Min - $90




Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a gentle method of hands-on healing that taps into the energy referred to as Ki in Japan, Chi in China and Prana in India.

Reiki is not massage, hypnosis or a tool for diagnosing illness. It is a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting balance among all the body's systems and promoting the regenerative processes of the body and mind.

To receive Reiki you will lie on the massage table fully clothed. Little or no pressure is applied to your body and no oils are used. You may drift off but that's perfectly ok! Your body and mind will still be receiving the healing energy it needs.

60 Min - from $50




Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life but it can also be a tiring time, with the body going through many changes including changes to posture, weight and fluctuating hormones. These can result in muscular tension and pressure on the joints – particularly in the back, shoulders, knees and ankles.

Pregnancy Massage aims to alleviate symptoms of discomfort related to pregnancy, such as:

  • Easing pain in the back, shoulders, neck and head

  • Increasing blood flow and circulation, which in turn will reduce fatigue increase energy levels

  • Reducing swelling in the knees, ankles, feet and hands

  • Moisturising skin and improving elasticity to reduce stretch marks

  • Stimulating the release of endorphins, which in turn reduces pain and discomfort and leaves a feeling of wellbeing

  • Reduces anxiety and allows Mums-to-be a chance to relax and calm

This type of treatment is an ideal gift for exhausted Mums-to-be, giving them a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Approx 45 Min - $50 (Bencubbin only)



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